What you need to do

REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL PLANNING DEPT AND BUILDING CONTROL DEPT: We have done our homework so you will get your building control approval with our plans, but you will also want to do your homework to make sure you have selected a plan that is eligible for your area. Check with your local planning office to see what is permitted and the types of finish that are required. All our garages come with a multiple of finishes for you to select from. Also check what height restrictions are in force in your area.

WE HAVE BEEN ASKED ABOUT TRUSSES: Where do I find manufactured trusses? You can look up "trusses" in the yellow pages and go directly to a truss manufacturer. You take a set of plans to your truss supplier who then furnishes FREE engineering calculations. Most Building Control departments will approve your plans provided the truss manufacturers engineering calculations are furnished when you place your order.

The advantage of the pre-manufactured truss roof over a rafter roof system is a labour time saving, ease and free engineering calculations. The truss order can be put in at any time. When the walls are up and you are ready for the trusses, a phone call is made to the truss supplier and they generally bring the trusses out on a "boom" truck and set the trusses on the walls. The web site details will tell you if a plan has a truss or traditional rafter roof system.