Garage Plans to UK standards

Domestic Garage Plans to UK Standards

Fully detailed Garage construction drawings from only  £70.00

We have also introduced a larger range of garage plans with improvements in their design and appearance.

Important changes to permitted planning rights have changed in England read how the changes have affected the design and location where you can build your garage with out planning permission.

Full Construction drawings for Domestic Garage Plans. Designed to UK standards, with online ordering for standard drawings and fully customized drawings.

Select one of our standard garage plans from the menu or design your own garage plan by using the easy to use Custom Design Garage form.

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(Not suitable for use in Scotland)

Our single storey detached garage plans range from 3m x 5m long garage plan to the 9m x 7m long garage plan.

Our range of garage plans is available in increments of one meter in length and half-meter increments in width for the narrower garage plans to one meter increments for the wider garage plans.

All our garage plans are available with a range of different wall and roof finishes together with different roof pitches. All our garage plans can be customised to your requirements.

single garage plans Our smallest garage plan, the 3m x 5m long, is ideal for the restricted building plot. This garage plan is sized to accommodate most standard cars sizes. However where additional length is available on site it is recommended that the 6m long garage plan be chosen.
Custom Design Garages
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3 car garage plans Our largest garage plan is the 9m x 7m long garage. This garage plan has two garage doors and provides parking for up to four cars. Alternately this garage plan can provide workshop area to the rear with parking to the front.
garage plans with lofts Garage plans with storage lofts and internal staircase are available for garage plans of 6m wide and over. Velux windows or dormer windows can be incorporate in the garage loft.
large garage plans with lofts Most of our garages now have optional roof directions for better appearance for your site.
Our plans are designed to the U.K. Building Regulations. We provide full Working Construction Drawings to obtain approvals and to build your garage. Plans include: All Exterior Elevations; Floor Plans; Basic Electrical layout; A Full Building Width Cross Section; Strip Foundation Plan Layout; Roof Plan and detailing; Full specification.
We work hard to build in flexibility into our garage plans! By changing the options menu on the drawings small changes to the plans are easily accommodated.
What you get when you order one of our garage plan sets All drawings come on A3 size PDF and we grant you license to make your own copies. A typical plan Set consists of 7 A3 size drawings REMEMBER TO CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL PLANNING DEPT AND BUILDING CONTROL DEPT: We have done our homework so you will get your building control approval with our plans... Additional services

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When considering the size of your garage plan.

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Our garage plans are designed to meet the UK building specifications and regulations

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Full customisations available for all our garages.

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