Our plans are designed to the U.K. Building Regulations. We provide full Working Construction Drawings to obtain approvals and to build your garage.

Our drawing sets contain

Plans include:

  • All Exterior Elevations;
  • Floor Plans,
  • Basic Electrical layout,
  • A Full Building Width Cross Section,
  • Strip Foundation Plan Layout,
  • Roof Plan and detailing.
  • Full specification
All our drawings come on A3 size pages and we grant you license to make your own copies.

A typical plan Set consists of 6 A3 size drawings as shown below

A Cover sheet:

Showing a coloured artist impression of your new garage, contact details and the Plan set number

A Plan sheet:

The Plan sheet shows the Plan of the new garage together with the electrical schematic and the Front Elevation.

The Plan is fully dimensioned. 

An Elevation Sheet:

This sheet shows the Front Elevation of the Garage and a Foundation Plan

An Elevation Sheet:

This sheet shows the remaining Elevations of the garage

A Roof Plan sheet:

This sheet shows the roof plan of the garage, A Section together with all necessary construction detailing.

A Specification sheets:

A full specification is provided with all garages detailing the quality of materials to be used and the construction methods.

Note: Number of sheets and layout of sheets may vary with the size of garage. (Plan sheets shown are for a 6m x 6m garage)


What about size?

We provide a wide range of garage sizes ranging from 3m x 5m long to 9m x 7m long in 1m increments. You can often make a plan work without costly drafting modifications if it is off by a few centimetres from the dimensions you need. This is especially true for the length of the garage, care must be taken when changing the width of the garage due to the design of the roof structure.