Important Information

Let us handle your Planning and Building Control Applications

Additional Services

We can make the Planning and Building Control Applications on your behalf for as little as £300 plus expenses.

Our Expenses include

The Planning fee that is normally £291.00 (Northern Ireland)

No Building Control Application is required for detached garages with a floor area under 30m².

For garages with a floor area greater than 30m² the Building Control Application Fee will depend on the floor area.

For all applications to Building Control and Planning, a Location Map is required and costs £31.00 from Ordnance Survey.

Our Service include:

  • We will survey your site and advice on suitability (only available in Northern Ireland).
  • We will provide a site plan for the above applications.
  • We will provide all documentation required by the above departments.
  • We monitor the progress of your application.
  • We provide answers to all queries regarding your application.

      Further Services:

      We can provide you with a comprehensive service including Tendering and Contract Administration, call us for full details.